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A new 16-page brochure highlighting the benefits of direct solid atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS) for applications ranging from metallurgy to food is now available from Analytik Jena UK.

The brochure highlights both the principles behind direct solid AAS and the solid sampling accessories available in Analytik Jena’s range of AA instruments.

The brochure also features practical applications from a range of industries, including metallurgy, materials, electronics, petrochemicals, environmental, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medicine and food.

Analytik Jena’s direct solid AAS is suitable for powders, granules, fibres and even paste-like materials such as creams, sludges or viscous oils.

It provides an alternative to the traditional methods of analysis of solid samples that require time-consuming conversion into liquid samples, typically by acid digestion.

The decomposition of the sample matrix is achieved using an appropriate temperature programme.

This, combined with a background correction, enables the interference-free and precise determination of most elements in a range of materials.

All graphite furnace systems from Analytik Jena can be upgraded with the solid AA technology.

Three sample supply systems are available.

These are: the SSA 6 manual solid sampler, designed for occasional solid analysis; the SSA 600 fully automated solid sampler for the fully automated analysis of up to 84 samples; and the SSA 600L, which features an additional liquid dosing unit for a high level of automation for research and routine analysis.

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