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A new slicklines brochure from Sandvik Materials Technology features the latest products for use in the oil and gas industry in arduous and aggressive conditions.

Used to lower heavy tools and instruments into oil and gas wells, Sandvik slicklines combine high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength with uniform tensile properties.

The brochure provides a complete overview of the range of lines available, along with technical information and data, including all the latest product developments, such as the recent introduction of bright surface slicklines.

Demands on equipment increase as subsea oil and gas exploration sees an increase in deep-water projects in more remote locations, according to the company.

Sandvik facilitates this exploration by producing alloyed stainless-steel wire with the capabilities of withstanding severely corrosive environments along with high pressures and temperatures.

The new bright finish slicklines offer greater life expectancy than traditional matt finish lines, with tests showing that the product provides better fatigue resistance by more than 15 per cent.

This results in fewer lines having to be replaced, offering operational cost savings.

A grade selection guide provides all the printed data necessary when considering the mechanical properties required.

Also highlighted is the need to consider local concentrations of chlorides, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide in addition to downhole pressure and temperature.

The brochure also gives information on the Sandvik Grade Selection Guide software, based on data from material-grade corrosion tests carried out over many years.

It is said to improve the accuracy of grade selection, reduce downtime and enhance performance, offering a product range suitable for sweet, medium and sour wells.

Another feature of the brochure is the advice it offers to prolong the service life of lines while reducing costs.

There is information on stretch factors, sheave diameters, depth requirements, the recovery of failed lines, recommended safe loads and breaking loads.

The brochure provides detailed testing information along with recommendations for line usage to achieve the maximum operational life.

The tests include ductility, wrap and torsion and there is an introduction to Wraptor, a wrap and torsion tester developed by Sandvik.

The company can help customers with technical support and material selection.

This ensures that the appropriate line is selected for a particular application, benefiting customers with minimised downtime, reduced re-spooling costs and decreased failure risk.

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