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Trolex has published a full-colour, A4 brochure for its range of sensors and sensing systems for industry following the launch of its industrial division.

The brochure shows the complete integrated command and control systems available from Trolex for gas detection, bulk material handling,machine monitoring, air/gas flow monitoring, process monitoring, gas-leak detection, as well as plant-wide monitoring systems with Scada interface, utilising the company’s range of functionally compatible sensors and controllers.

Where single products are required, the brochure gives details of the complete portfolio of Trolex products including fixed gas detectors, personal and portable gas detectors, sensors for monitoring flow, temperature, pressure, level and vibration, as well as switching sensors, indicators and flameproof connectors.

All products in the brochure guarantee integrative compatibility and are designed for cost-effective installation and maintenance, Trolex said.

Trolex is a specialist in supplying the highest safety category of Ex equipment that will remain functional and safe in atmospheres endangered by both toxic and flammable gas accumulations.

It works in every industry where safety is critical such as oil and gas, power, utilities, chemical and landfill.

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