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Bronkhorst has introduced the Mass-Stream D-6300 series of digital mass flowmeters and controllers for gases.

Based on the previous D-6200 series, which works on the basis of direct through-flow measurement, the new design has more powerful processing capabilities, a modern graphic display with push-button control, improved accuracy and an increased measuring range from 0.01Ln/min to 5,000Ln/min air equivalent.

This third generation of through-flow instruments offers IP65 protection as standard and is equipped with digital PC boards for all measuring and control functions.

Also available as compact controller units with integrated or modular solenoid control valves, the Mass-Stream D-6300 instruments are suitable for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for food and beverage processing and for mechanical engineering, as well as for gas production.

Usable for virtually every kind of gas or gas mix, including dirty or wet gases and those with a tendency to particulate, measuring applications include biogas from landfill sites and digesters, dirty exhaust gases from combustion processes and powder-carrier gas for pharmaceutical research.

The technology is also suitable for N2/O2 generators, gas consumption metering, medical gas monitoring, airflow control in paint spray lines and burner ratio control.

The devices, manufactured by M and W Instruments, feature metal bodies and straight-through bases, with two stainless-steel probes protruding into each base – one a heater and the other a temperature sensor.

As a result, there are no moving parts, no obstruction to the flow path and negligible pressure drop across the instruments.

With the D-6300 series, this through-flow technique can be applied to much lower flow ranges, previously only covered by the bypass technique.

The model series extends from 0.01Ln/min to 0.2Ln/min at the lowest scale to 100Ln/min to 5,000Ln/min at the highest range, with a turndown ratio of up to 1:100.

When configured as a mass flow controller, a solenoid control valve is integrated into the body for flow rates up to 1,000Ln/min, while a separate modular valve is used for the control of higher flow rates.

The compact base instrument measures 95mm in width, 117mm in height and 34mm in depth, is available in aluminium or stainless steel for corrosive gases and incorporates a multi-colour thin-film-transistor graphic display with push-button controls and customisable readouts.

The flowmeters and controllers feature integral digital PC boards with standard RS232 interfaces and optional Flow-Bus, Devicenet, Profibus-DP and Modbus-RTU links.

Thanks to the through-flow design, no inlet pipe is required and gas connection inlet/outlet fittings are available.

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