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Brother has introduced a a high torque, 10,000rpm spindle option for two of the models in its range of high-speed, 30-taper-spindle machining centres.

One is the TC-S2D while the other is the recently launched TC-R2B, the first of which has just been installed in the UK at the Sheffield factory of Ancon Building Products.

Both machines have the suffix ‘N’ if the high torque motor is fitted.

‘At the low end of the speed range, it is now possible to drill a 32mm-diameter hole and tap to M27 in 150 HB carbon steel, up from 25mm and M16 for the standard 10,000rpm spindle motor,’ said Tim Whitehouse, managing director of Whitehouse Machine Tools.

‘In aluminium, similar increases take the figures to 40 mm and M39,’ he said.

‘At higher speeds, a 16mm-diameter end mill can take a 15 mm-wide by 8-mm deep side cut in carbon steel, while a 125mm diameter face mill will remove 1,700cc/min from an aluminium billet,’ Whitehouse added.

Higher torque is provided by the brushless interior magnet motor at the mid- to high-speed range as well as at the low end, where it is 2.7 times higher at 92Nm between zero and 2,200rpm.

Maximum power output is also raised from 18.4 to 26.2kW.

Owing to the increased torque at higher speeds, an extra advantage is that the spindle can be decelerated faster from top speed to zero – in 0.15 instead of 0.2 of a second – and accelerated similarly quickly.

The servomotor-driven turret’s automatic tool change time is therefore shortened from 1.6 to 1.5sec.

Brother has used regenerative power technology on the high-torque motor to utilise braking power and improve energy efficiency.

Power consumption has been reduced by between 20 and 30 per cent.

There is the option of face-and-taper contact tooling for all spindles, including the standard 10,000rpm type and the high-speed 16,000rpm version.

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