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The School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University has developed a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) MSc in response to the industry’s need for skilled DSP engineers.

The course involves the study of fundamental and extensive practical and hands-on coaching of the design, modelling and implementation of DSP algorithms.

The MSc also offers the opportunity for students to exploit DSP techniques in four of its major applications – telecommunications, multimedia, biomedical systems and intelligent systems – through a set of application-based modules.

The aims of the course are to satisfy both the current and the future demand of electronic and communication industries internationally.

It will meet the demand for the research and development of DSP in electronic and communication engineering, as well as the demand for the training and education of skilled engineers with the advanced knowledge of DSP technology.

DSP is an approach concerning the digital representation of analogue signals and the use of digital systems to analyse, modify, store or extract information.

There is a rising demand for skilled DSP engineers to support the research and development of future digital products and applications in information society, such as digital cameras, television, digital audio systems and mobile phones.

In this regard, high-technology industries, particularly original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are actively recruiting skilled DSP engineers.

Brunel University – Engineering and Design

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