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Rotalink has expanded its DC motor range with a new line of miniature brushless motors for nominal output torques to over 250mNm at maximum efficiency and maximum power ratings to 270W.

The BL brushless motors, together with Rotalink’s precision gearboxes, motor feedback devices and motion controls, are designed to provide complete miniature power-transmission solutions.

The BL motor range is available in 12 and 24V DC versions, complete with three-phase hall-effect commutation for smooth and precise speed and/or position control.

The efficient brushless design has an inherently low electrical noise factor and is not prone to commutation sparking, so the motor is ideally suited to EMC sensitive and safe environment use.

In addition, the non-contacting characteristics will suit applications where long life and high reliability are of prime concern.

The BL range includes five frame sizes with nominal diameters of 29, 32, 45, 57 and 65mm.

The motors are particularly well matched for use with the brushless version of Rotalink’s recently launched drag-and-drop/flowchart programmed Red Drive motor driver and controller.

The BLDC Red Drive has a 10A current rating and is complete with hall sensor inputs for brushless commutation, incremental encoder feedback inputs and 27 programmable TTL level I/O pins for analogue and digital machine interfacing.

Full details of the BL range and the brushless Red Drive are covered in Rotalink’s new 80-page miniature power-transmission and motion-control products catalogue.

The catalogue and Rotalink’s website also feature in-depth coverage of the complete range of spur and planetary-style gearboxes with built-in flexibility to allow users to match their budget and performance requirements by selecting standard or enhanced polymer gears with a choice of sintered or ball bearings.

Rotalink’s ovoid style gearboxes feature combined spur and ultra-polymer planetary stages in very compact designs for extremely high torque-to-size ratio geared solutions.

Other products include novel incremental and absolute encoder feedback devices that may be assembled directly on the front motor shaft or rear gearbox shaft in space-saving designs that help to complete highly integrated mechanical solutions for miniature power transmission.

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