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BSIF has developed a guidance document to enable the emergency services and other industrial users of liquid chemicals to select the most appropriate sorbent to deal with liquid spills.

The group has highlighted key areas for focus, including: improving the quality of sorbent products and the reliability of performances being claimed; developing relevant standards to generate a level playing field in manufacturers’ claims on product performances and to assist user selection of products; and promoting awareness of the need for adequate stocks of sorbents to be available close to the area where liquids are stored, handled and used.

The BSIF, through work with representatives such as the Environment Agency, the fire services and the MoD, is working towards the development of a specialist performance standard for sorbents.

By using part 4 of BS 7959 as drafted by the BSIF, sorbent performance will be judged on standardised criteria, making it is easier for those needing to select products to evaluate the type and quantity they require.

The BSIF aims to provide correct and easily understandable performance information, providing users with adequate sorbent stock to deal with predicted emergency spills, speed up emergency responses and reduce injury.

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