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The Realization Group is using a combination of Z Corporation’s ZP150 build material and the multicolour 3D ZPrinter450 to meet demand for models with richer colours and improved mechanical strength.

‘Purer whites are especially important for architects, who traditionally prefer white models early in the design process so they can consider design, massing and space without the distraction of colour,’ explains Rafael Tapanes, founder of the multidimensional architectural visualisation firm.

‘Although earlier generation bone-white models are acceptable, customers have long been asking for pure white,’ he added.

Architecture is a key sector for Realization Group, which helps clients breathe life into abstract concepts.

Finely detailed physical massing models are created rapidly and cost effectively using the recently installed ZPrinter450 multicolour twin-head 3D printer.

‘Speed is the key,’ said Tapanes.

‘I can take an order for a model today and deliver it to the customer tomorrow.

‘We can accept formats for printing that include STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS and ZPR files.

‘I can also make models for one-quarter the cost of stereolithography or laser cutting,’ he added.

Models as large as 203 x 254 x 203mm can be built at a speed of 23mm per hour, while automation features include: automated set-up and self-monitoring; automated powder loading; automated powder recycling and removal; snap-in binder cartridges and an intuitive control panel.

The combined effect is that Realization Group can now offer customers two or three printed models for what used to be the price of one.

Demand from architects is escalating.

In contrast to the pure whites sought by architects, developers prefer multicolour models so they can fully grasp the concept behind a proposal and begin selling it while it’s still in development.

Tapanes said the improved colour saturation in ZP150 build material is giving developers brighter colours across the spectrum.

With 604 jets operating from two print heads, the ZPrinter450 maximises the colour potential of ZP150 build material on this printer platform, offering printed resolution of 300 x 450dpi.

Model strength has been noted as another improvement.

‘I no longer have to advise clients how to handle their models,’ said Tapanes.

‘If I cure a ZP150 model with ZBond, it’s virtually indestructible and has an ultra-smooth finish,’ he added.

ZP150 is available through Z Corporation’s worldwide reseller network.

It is compatible with the ZPrinter450 and ZPrinter650 colour 3D printers.

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