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New PTM DataSync module for automatic data synchronisation and customised server set-up.

Omicron’s Primary Test Manager (PTM) software is the ideal tool for making the diagnostic testing and condition assessment of power transformers, circuit breakers and current transformers faster and more cost effective. With the new PTM DataSync module building up an own and company-wide asset condition database has become easier than ever before.

Synchronised test and asset data with the click of a button
PTM DataSync automatically synchronizes the test results, asset data, test templates and test reports from all of the PTM users within an organisation with one central database with the click of a button. Users can upload their test results to a central server in order to build up a company-wide condition database and download the data provided by other users. Storing the data on a central server with automatic backup capabilities makes keeping data safe easy while increasing the level of data security.

Flexible interconnectivity and server set-up
A PTM DataSync environment consists of a central PTM server database and one or more PTM clients that are connected to the server database. Users can choose to set up the server database on any computer connected to an internal network or simply integrate it into an existing SQL server infrastructure. The server collects the test data from every user connected to the server. Each PTM client can still operate even if they are not connected to the server database. A connection to the server is only required during the synchronization process.

Ideal tool for diagnostic testing and assessment 
PTM guides users through the testing process with comprehensive testing procedures and detailed wiring diagrams. The software operates with CPC 100, Cibano 500 and Franeo 800, and meets thereby international guidelines and standards, such as IEEE C57.152 IEC 60076-1 and -3, IEEE C37.10 and IEC 62271-100. Tests can be assessed automatically while keeping the testing time to a minimum. Due to the integrated, high-performance database, electrical assets and the associated test plans can be managed easily.

OMICRON electronics UK

OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions.

OMICRON is an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions. The application of OMICRON products allows users to assess the condition of the primary and secondary equipment on their systems with complete confidence. Services offered in the area of consulting, commissioning, testing, diagnosis and training make the product range complete.

Customers in more than 150 countries rely on the company’s ability to supply leading edge technology of excellent quality. Service centers on all continents provide a broad base of knowledge and extraordinary customer support. All of this together with our strong network of sales partners is what has made our company a market leader in the electrical power industry.

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