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The double-T profile bars used in Eaton’s Moeller SASY 60i modular busbar system dissipate heat efficiently and allow current ratings up to 1600A to be offered by very compact assemblies.

They also minimise the number of busbar supports needed to achieve high peak current ratings, saving even more panel space.

Components such as motor starters, switch disconnectors and circuit breakers simply clip into place with the aid of mounting adaptors, which means that assembly and connecting time is reduced compared with panels built using conventional mounting and wiring techniques.

More time can be saved by using the Moeller Xstart pre-assembled motor starters.

These click onto the busbars in seconds and are ready for immediate use.

They are offered by Eaton’s Moeller Business in DOL and reversing configurations with ratings up to 15kW.

The SASY 60i modular busbar system is available in 1250A and 1600A versions, as well as a 630A version with flat profile bars.

All versions use the industry standard 60mm bar spacing.

As well as complying fully with IEC requirements for use in Europe, this system is also certified as meeting the new UL508A standard recently adopted in the US, which requires larger creepage and clearance distances.

The component mounting adaptors in the SASY 60i system are suitable for use with both flat and double-T profiles in a range of thicknesses, which means that all requirements can be met with a small number of different adaptors.

The adaptors are 45mm wide, allowing even the smallest of components to be mounted without wasting space.

Designed from the outset with safety in mind, the SASY 60i busbar system from Eaton’s Moeller business includes modular insulating covers that, when correctly installed, provide comprehensive protection against accidental contact with live parts.

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