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Residual magnetism has a crucial influence on the efficiency and the quality of the industrial  washing systems. In worldwide production processes, ensuring the metal cleanliness is a fundamental step in metals surface treatments. Independently from the application and the washing process used, such as immersion, spray, ultrasonic, high pressure, deburring, the  residual magnetism is a crucial variable to be kept under control to  guarantee the maximum  quality cleanliness.


According to the specific magnetic material and residual magnetism of the metal parts, various  metal contaminants adhere to the parts surfaces. Metal chips, dust, swarfs of various dimensions and composition remain in contact with the component and makes it almost impossible for a proper washing to take place.

Bussi Demagnetizing Systems

Bussi Demagnetizing Systems™ has a unique specialization in the design and manufacture of Demagnetizing machines, dedicated to the metal working industry. The company has developed more than 1.000 demagnetizing solutions, standard or special products installed in different industrial environments and applications.

Since 1969, BUSSI Demagnetizing Systems Company has specialised in the design and Construction of Electronic pulse Demagnetisers. We also design demagnetisers with traditional technology. Thanks to patented technology and unmatched experience in the sector – we are able to offer a wide range of demagnetisation systems, depending on the application and different production contexts. The demagnetiser range is extensive: in line or off line models, manual and automatic versions. Depending on the part transfer system, individual parts or parts placed inside washing or transport baskets, high productivity or small lots, automated or manual processes, we choose the most suitable solution and offer standard or customised demagnetizers.

Quality For product performance and reliability.
Study Continuous research into innovative systems and improvement of the product.
Design Construction of reliable, functional and flexible machines.

Technical advantages of Bussi Demagnetisers :

> Minimum residual magnetism
Excellent and constant performances, far better than traditional demagnetisation systems. In agreement with the quality standards of the bearing manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers, the residual magnetism, must be lower than 2 [A/cm] for small parts; for larger parts, from 2 to 12 [A/cm], according to dimension and type. The average residual magnetism value obtained with our electronic demagnetizers is much lower than the values shown above.

> Minimum energy consumption ( High degree of demagnetization value repeatability
Results of demagnetisation always repetitive and constant over time.

> Easy parts transfer without magnetic retention.

> Reliability and durabilità
The power electronics and coils are scaled to guarantee the maximum efficiency over time even when production rhythms are high.

> High productivity
The cycle time is between 2 and 20 sec, according to the application. Some models, suitable for demagnetising small parts reach cycle times of 0.8 sec.

> Almost zero maintenance

> Easy integration in line and exchange of interface I/O :
Possibility of programming dedicated signals for in line communications and installations .

> Easy installation

> System modification and overhaul

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