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Recent introductions to the Icotek range of cable entry products, available from M Buttkereit, include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) shielding devices and split conduits.

These are suitable for the even retrofitting of pre-terminated cables.

The company claims that EMC is becoming more important, with designers needing to consider the effect of radiated emissions polluting the environment as well as random electromagnetic fields penetrating sensitive electronic circuitry.

The Icotek type SKL shield clamps provide a simple and reliable connection to the appropriate layer (usually braided metal) within shielded cables, providing a universal solution for wherever shielded cables need to be connected with an installation mass potential.

The SKL shield clamps offer large-area contact with the cable shield layer once any cable outer layer has been removed.

The prepared cable is pressed into position and is positively retained under the constant clamp pressure, which does not require any post-installation adjustment.

The close grouping of cables can be accommodated, for both space-saving and cost-effective installations.

The SKL clamps can also be supplied with optional mounting attachments to provide snap-in assembly on H-shape, 35mm DIN rails or bolt-on assembly for sub-plate mounting, including a strain-relief version.

They can be supplied suitable for cable shield layer diameters from 1.5mm to 29mm, including a version designed for push-clip mounting to busbars sized 10mm x 3mm.

Customised carriers can also be designed to order for specialised requirements including high-density cable installations.

Where earth grounding needs to be combined with cable shielding, the alternative SK range of clamps can be supplied for optional mountings including H and C DIN rails, busbars and sub-plates.

The WST range of split corrugated conduit can also be supplied, which is suitable for retrofitting additional cabling, including pre-terminated varieties.

The conduit can be supplied in seven nominal sizes from 10mm to 70mm in diameter and in lengths of 10m, 25m and 50m (smaller O/D sizes only).

The material is halogen-free, UV-durable black polypropylene UL-94 V2 and provides versatility for any stage of cable installation, including both OEM and service-modified requirements.

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