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The Icotek range of KEL cable entry products has been extended and is available in the UK from M Buttkereit.

The latest KEL 24/20 and KEL 24/30 cable entry frames provide high-density packing (up to 20 or 30 mixed cables respectively) within a single cable entry aperture, while still providing cable strain relief and sealing up to IP54.

Even higher densities can be achieved where 3-6mm diameter cables are involved.

These products are suitable for electrical installations for both control and general circuitry installations, with applications also for plant, machine and vehicle engineering.

The equipment combines split polyamide frames with split captive elastomer inserts that can accommodate a wide range of cables of varying diameters together with conduits.

Even pre-terminated cable assemblies can also be initially installed or later reinserted without removing or unsoldering connectors.

Mixed cabling can therefore be quickly and positively routed into panels, machines, junction boxes and even through walls, eliminating any component breakdown and minimising production downtime.

Once all cabling has been fitted with a split elastomer insert matched to the cable diameter, inserts are then simply clipped into (and held retained) within the split frame moulding.

When all inserts (and cabling) are located within the frame, captive Allen screws are tightened to clamp together the frames and slightly compress the inserts creating a tight, secure and sealed connection of all cables within the KEL frame.

Frames are also supplied with a sealing gasket for the frame-to-mounting surface joint to help minimise the effect of residual surface roughness.

The capacities of standard two-part KEL frames can be expanded with optional centrepiece extension sets to achieve the highest cable densities.

The frame material is polyamide with UL-94 VO approval, which is self extinguishing and is also both halogen and silicon free.

The range of elastomer inserts can be either grey or black, supplied pre-moulded with holes to suit individual cable sizes from 3-17mm diameter, together with two and four grouped cables also possible within single inserts for cables between 3-7mm in size.

The standard inserts are complemented by special purpose inserts to provide the maximum compatibility with multiple cabling requirements.

Approval for the grey elastomer insert is also UL-94 VO, with the black insert being UL-94 HB, which provides a higher chemical resistance.

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