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Fedtech has released the Bystronic Beyeler Xpert 320 brake press, which can form parts with 3520kN (352 tonf) of force.

The machinery offers 29in (736.6mm) of open height (ideal for fabrication of deep boxes or lengthy flanges), an 18in ram stroke and hydraulic tool clamping for fast setup and heightened flexibility.

The Xpert 320 is coupled with Bybend graphic CAM software, which permits direct importing of DXF, DWG and IGES files.

This versatile feature minimises setup times and allows for quicker turnaround.

Tooling is another attribute emphasised on the Xpert 320.

Fedtech’s decision to pair the Xpert with Wila precision ground new standard-style tooling improves the efficiency and quality of finished parts.

The tool design does not require preloading, which allows for faster set-up time between jobs.

The Xpert features built-in dynamic crowning, which moves and adapts pressure in the bed according to the material being formed.

This ensures the accuracy of bends, regardless of the grain direction, material length or material thickness.

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