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Byworth is offering its range of steam boilers on lease: these new boilers are said to be more efficient than older designs, because of the updated manufacturing techniques and insulation materials.

The company claims that by combining a Byworth boiler with the latest burner and control technology, customers will see a marked reduction in fuel bills.

Monthly operating lease payments are 100 per cent tax deductible and the boiler will come with full service back-up.

A rental agreement of three to five years allows the customer to change to a more suitable specification at the end of the term.

If access permits, the boiler can be installed in the traditional way in the existing boiler house.

Boiler and ancillary equipment can also be fully installed in a purpose-built, portable boiler house.

Once positioned on site, connection is quick and simple with minimum disruption.

Emergency mobile hire boilers are suitable where boilers have broken down or been condemned by an insurance inspector, or for short or prolonged periods of extra demand.

A lease boiler may help reduce fuel bills without capital expenditure.

Byworth Boilers

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