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C-MAC Microtechnology has extended its agreement with Cissoid to integrate Vesuvio technology into high-temperature DC-DC converter designs featuring its Magma and Hyperion semiconductor devices.

Following on from the 20W module based around the original ETNA chip set, these new modules offer further improvements in efficiency and packaging density and provide multiple output voltages with life-time operation at 225C.

The extended product range will provide output voltages in the range of 1.2V up to 90 per cent of VIN at 2A and up to 50 per cent reduction in physical size.

Efficiencies of more than 90 per cent above 200C confirm the leading class position of the product range.

Single, dual and output voltage modules as well as higher-current versions will be available over the coming months.

These new products will again feature C-MAC’s high-temperature microcircuit integration technology, which provides the highest level of reliability for extended temperature applications.

The high aspect ratio package design will focus on high reliability, harsh environment applications such as oil and gas deep-well drilling, and engine sensing and control in the aerospace and defence markets.

The flexibility of C-MAC’s design and manufacturing team will provide the optimum packaging solutions for the module, while allowing custom configurations to be offered.

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