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The Icotek range of cable management and EMC shielding products available from M Buttkereit have widespread applications within general industry, including public transportation systems.

They are used on control panels incorporating telecoms, signalling or other specialised switchgear, as well as signage and display products.

Recent applications include information display packages designed for use during the 2012 Olympic Games events.

All Icotek products are designed to simplify cabling procedures, while providing the maximum facility for retro modifications and subsequent maintenance, with minimum interruption to existing cabling products.

The Icotek products typically used include the KVT Polycarbonate range of split cable glands.

These can be supplied for straight-thro’ or right-angled bulkhead connections and are available for standard or metric cut-outs.

They can be used with single, multiple and pre-terminated cables, with the pre-termination warranties being maintained.

Cable retro-fitting and maintenance can also be carried out both easily and quickly, with high packing density achieved and a wide range of cable varieties accommodated.

The Kel range of Polyamide split cable entry frames are used with split elastomer inserts to accommodate single medium-diameter cables up to multiple small-diameter cable runs.

Kel-Jumbo frames can also be supplied for large individual cables up to 65mm in diameter.

The inserts allow for dynamic and flexible cable movements, while the split designs allow for easier cable installation, as well as simplified retro-fitting and maintenance.

Where large cable entry cut-outs are provided in bulkheads, then KDR-2 split metal base frames can be supplied for use in conjunction with Kel and Jumbo cable entry units.

Cable strain relief can be accommodated with the Icotek ZL range of strain-relief plates.

These are designed for both static and dynamic applications, for organising and securing cables on machines, control panels or cable chains.

These Polyamide products are cost effective and provide a simple and universal package suitable for high packing density.

The undercut on the comb-shaped profile provides secure strain relief of cables when combined with cable ties.

The need for cost effective shielding of cabling against electrical-magnetic interference (EMI) is becoming more recognised.

The Icotek SKL range of products ensure the effective bonding and shielding required and can be supplied for snap-on or screw-on connections for single or multiple cable combinations.

All the Icotek Polycarbonate, Polyamide and elastomer products are halogen and silicone free with UL-94 Vo self-extinguishing flame class properties.

The operating temperature ranges (static) are elastomer -30C to +90C, Polycarbonate -30C to +100C and Polyamide -40C to +140C.

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