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Cami Research has introduced a high-voltage module for its Cableeye M3U cable test system that permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown.

After checking for opens, shorts, miswires and resistance limits, the HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable voltage from 10V to 1,500V DC, or 10V to 1,000V RMS AC, to each connection group in the cable.

Current leakage detected during the high-voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to one gigohm, and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts.

This high-voltage test capability allows users to meet the industry-standard A620 guidelines for cable and wire harness testing.

The system also produces reports for each cable tested showing the test voltage, leakage current and insulation resistance for each wire group, and clearly denotes pass or fail at the top of the report.

The system employs numerous measures to ensure operator safety.

Each login name must have system administrator authorisation to enable the high-voltage function.

Once logged in, the operator must confirm awareness of the presence of high voltage by pressing a hardware-enable button for that test session.

During testing, a bright red light bar turns on when high voltage is present.

If desired, remote test and stop switches are available.

Test current that exceeds the maximum 1.5ma causes an automatic halt of that test and cessation of voltage.

The Cableeye HVX system, consisting of an M3U tester and the HVX module, is available with 128 test points and can be expanded to 512 test points with optional expansion units.

The system includes software with scripting, one-year warranty, free software upgrades for a year, and one year of free tech support.

Existing Cableeye users may upgrade their M3U testers by purchasing just the HVX module.

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