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Avanquest Software Publishing has released Turbocad Mac Pro V4, a professional application for precision 2D and 3D design.

Suitable for users at all levels from students to architects, engineers and graphic designers, the latest version features state-of-the-art modelling tools, more than 1,000 floor plans and more than 11,000 symbols and parts.

Turbocad Mac Pro V4 features a complete set of 2D tools for drafting, dimensioning, modifying and transforming.

These include a tool that enables points to be distributed equally along a surface for precise design and a tool for creating a polygon with sides determined by the number of points chosen, ideal for complex shape design.

Utilising ACIS 18 Solid modelling technology, Turbocad Mac Pro V4 offers realistic and complex 3D object creation.

New ‘deform solid’ and ‘bend solid’ tools make it possible to alter surfaces, solid faces and even bend objects about an axis for a completely customised model.

Advanced tools for surface modification and transformation are included to increase design realism, such as a tool that allows users to revolve a curve about an existing curve.

Assembly tools enable solid faces to be connected, aligned or mated to a user’s preferences.

Other new features of Turbocad Mac Pro V4 include: cylindrical and spherical duplicate to create complex shapes; file convert to import files for design convenience and greater realism; multiple assembly tools to mate, align or insert design objects; and a drafting assistant that lets the user draft complex elements as if sketching freehand, for those with limited CAD experience.

Hundreds of customisable images are provided and users can upload their own bmp or jpg files for inclusion in designs, which can then be complemented by photorealistic lighting and environmental effects.

Turbocad Mac Pro V4 is designed to simplify the process of importing graphic design files and turning them into precision CAD drawings with dimensions.

Users can also export technical drawings from Turbocad into desktop publishing formats.

Importing and exporting is possible with the majority of popular formats.

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