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Tukatech, a provider of apparel industry software solutions, has announced a software implementation as part of a partnership with US garment manufacturer and retailer American Apparel.

American Apparel is utilising Tukacad, Tukatech’s apparel CAD software, for product development and manufacturing.

Tukatech also provided American Apparel with manufacturing consulting to increase production and meet the demand of its 280 retail stores and its e-commerce site.

According to American Apparel, Tukatech’s software has allowed the company to streamline its cutting room operations, save fabric costs and increase efficiency in key product development areas.

American Apparel is also using Smartmark, a Tukacad module, for marker making processes.

Smartmark works automatically to produce markers in minutes that minimise the use of fabric.

The software can also queue many markers at a time, do ratio or single-size markers, use bump lines to control markers on fabric with shade variations, calculate yields, create sharable reports and more.

The company is now looking to further partner with Tukatech in the areas of 3D virtual prototyping and 3D design.

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