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Avanquest Software Publishing has launched the TurboCAD 17 Deluxe computer-aided-design (CAD) software, targeted at graphic designers, architects, hobbyists, engineers and builders.

Developed by IMSI/Design, TurboCAD is a precision drafting, detailing and 2D and 3D CAD modelling software package.

The program contains all the necessary tools for creating presentation-ready home plans, technical drawings, mechanical designs and illustrations to exact specification.

With no prior CAD experience necessary, users can use the software to complete 2D home projects before converting their designs into 3D images.

Once in 3D mode, colours, brush styles and lighting effects can be added to create visual presentations.

The program is said to be ideal for users planning home improvements as they can create life-like visualisations of their projects and view them through perspective and orthographic camera angles.

TurboCAD 17 Deluxe includes beginner, intermediate and advanced menu settings in a Windows-style interface.

It also includes a CAD Fundamentals 2D CAD set of video tutorials worth GBP39, enabling entry-level users to quickly get up to speed with how to use the program.

This latest instalment also features new layer filters that are DWG compatible, helping users to manage large and complex drawings with ease.

A new section detail tool also allows closed 2D entities (circles, polygons and polylines) to act as a cutting contour with other intersecting 2D objects.

New and improved features of the TurboCAD 17 Deluxe include: layer filters, making it simple to organise layers by a defined set of parameters; improved layer management with the Design Director, which simplifies layer management with the addition of line-style, pen-width and print-style parameters; improved block and groups, enabling users to edit and customise individual blocks; and improved Multitext, making it easier to get into edit mode as editing is turned on when either the Multitext or Text tools are enabled.

Three-dimensional mouse support means that images can be rotated without using the keyboard, enabling the more efficient drawing and viewing of 3D objects.

A large selection of line, arc, curve and spline tools gives users access to the best tools for the job.

Precise placement and editing is easier with vertical alignment features, including Sill Height for windows and Threshold Height for doors.

A set of eco-friendly details can be added to reflect the need for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lights, doors and windows.

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