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Cadac Organice has launched a Microsoft Sharepoint-based CAD drawing management solution for the US Social Security Administration (SSA).

The combined Microsoft, Bamboo Solutions and Cadac Organice solution provides a robust, self-serve environment that empowers SSA employees to track and audit building changes for modification, renovation and construction of their facilities across the US.

The agency’s responsibilities include assigning Social Security numbers to US citizens, maintaining earnings records for workers under their Social Security numbers and administering the Supplemental Security Income programme for the aged, blind and disabled.

The self-serve portal application allows SSA employees, facility engineers and CAD designers to efficiently and securely communicate information regarding the as-built condition of their facilities across the country.

Utilising Bamboo and Cadac Organice products, the SSA is able to utilise Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 to better serve the specialised requirements of its engineering drawing management application.

Bamboo’s Bulk Import and DWG Parser Solution Accelerator components make it easy to import large volumes of legacy files and drawings while automatically extracting and populating drawing title block information as Sharepoint list data.

Engineers who need to edit stored drawing files to reflect the as-built conditions can easily do so using Cadac Organice Explorer.

Once a drawing file has reached an as-built state, it is published using Cadac Organice Publish into PDF and DWF formats.

This ensures secure, read-only access to users who simply need to view and/or print files.

Facility engineers, space/building managers and others can browse the As-Built Drawing Repository using Bamboo’s Tree View Web Part, or search for specific files using the Bamboo List Search Web Part.

The solution optimises team collaboration and provides secure drawing access to a variety of SSA personnel.

SharePoint-based Engineering Document Management and Control

Cadac Organice is a software suite for engineering document management and document control and is based entirely on Microsoft SharePoint. Cadac Organice helps project-driven engineering organizations manage and share (project) documents and control document distribution and tracking.

Engineering Document Management

Cadac Organice Explorer is a smart SharePoint client providing document management functionality. The user interface has a Microsoft Outlook look & feel, making it easy to use. It integrates with Microsoft Office, Outlook and various CAD applications. It provides Advanced Document Creation, a viewer to view, compare and redline documents, and capabilities to work offline.

Transmittal Management

Cadac Organice Transmit distributes multiple documents efficiently to multiple recipients at once and offers management information to document controllers who need to track transmittals. A transmittal definition specifies exactly which recipient needs to receive which documents, and how many, and a distribution tracking list in SharePoint records who received what and when.

Workflow Management

Cadac Organice Workbox is used to build productive serial and parallel state workflows to automate business processes. Workflows are executed automatically or manually and users receive visual feedback on status and history of the workflow.

Document Scanning

With Cadac Organice Scan incoming correspondence and other hardcopy documents are scanned into the SharePoint document environment.

Document Publishing

Cadac Organice Publish publishes SharePoint documents to other libraries or sites. Documents can be published in a native or independent format, so they can easily be opened, viewed and annotated by others without the native application.

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