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Cadence Design Systems has introduced the Incisive Enterprise Verifier (IEV), an integrated verification solution delivering the dual power of formal analysis and simulation engines.

IEV can help design and verification engineers find deep corner-case bugs and hit elusive coverage points missed by stand-alone formal analysis or simulation.

IEV increases productivity through faster bring-up of designs and faster bug detection, boosts predictability by generating more metrics to assist with verification closure, and improves quality by finding more bugs in the design.

The integration of simulation and formal capabilities within IEV allows engineers to leverage assertions in new ways.

The same assertions used in formal analysis can be used automatically by the simulation engine to generate new stimulus for the design.

IEV can automatically switch back and forth between the formal and simulation engines to leverage both the rapid design exploration of simulation and the verification thoroughness of formal analysis.

Design and verification engineers get a higher return from assertions, and adoption is easier because IEV provides formal analysis in a familiar simulation environment.

IEV is said to enable the detection of more bugs and the exercise of more coverage metrics early in the project, before a test bench is available.

IEV’s tight integration of simulation and formal provides capabilities far beyond existing ‘hybrid’ offerings in the market.

Features include easier setup, automatic operation for most users, fine-grained control for expert users, and assertion debug capabilities.

IEV also includes support for verification planning, regression operation on server farms, multi-core performance improvements, and consolidation of metrics gathered from regression runs.

IEV can link to Incisive Enterprise Manager for metric-driven verification across large projects.

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