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Caledyne’s retrievable metal-to-metal (MTM) downhole seal system technology has been granted a European patent.

Developed at the company’s base in Aberdeen, Scotland, the MTM downhole seal consists of flexible material contained inside a metal shell.

The structure creates a complete metal barrier in the well, and when fully energised, protects it from the harshest downhole conditions.

The system acts in a similar way to a standard rubber or elastomeric seal, while remaining resistant to high hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations.

Performance rated to above 10,000psi at 300C, the MTM seal can be installed on permanent and retrievable packers, bridge plugs, hanger packers, sliding sleeves and subsea sealing applications such as plugs and flange seals.

Certified to ISO14310, the international standard for downhole equipment in the oil and gas industry, it will potentially supersede all elastomeric packing element systems currently on the market as temperature limitations and chemical compatibility concerns are no longer an issue.

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