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Casella is offering a fully automated dynamic calibration facility on its tipping bucket rain gauge production operation in response to demands for accurate measurement of high rainfall intensities.

The calibration procedure will automatically perform calibration at four points of rainfall intensity typically in the range 40-80mm/hr.

This allows the company to offer users more detailed technical information on the product and improved service levels.

All gauges will now be supplied with a printed multi-point calibration certificate, essential for traceability of data and product performance auditing.

Gauges are accurate to

A correction algorithm is now also provided as standard, allowing users to undertake correction of rainfall data at extremely high rainfall densities if required (

With correction, all tipping buckets provide intensity errors of

In addition to the calibration improvements, the funnel outlet diameter on the 0.2mm- and 0.5mm-capacity buckets have been increased to remove funnel back-up effects, reducing cost of ownership and the need for service visits in the field.

All Casella tipping bucket rain gauges are WMO and BMO compliant and calibrated in full compliance with BS 7843-3.3:2005.

Features include: improved service levels; multipoint rainfall intensity calibration; wide range of rainfall intensity 40-800mm/hr; full calibration certificate with each gauge; correction algorithm available.

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