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Calleva, an ingredient supplier and powder blend manufacturer, has installed metal detection equipment from S+S Inspection at its purpose-built blending production facility in Bridgewater, Somerset.

Following the signing of a joint-venture agreement with Italian tara gum and pectin producer Silvateam in 2008, the facility is now the centre of production for Aglumix-brand blends for northern Europe, including the UK and Ireland.

Calleva began as sole distributor in the UK for two food ingredient manufacturers and it is now in the development of special ingredient mixtures to meet specific needs.

Clive Griffiths, managing director, set about creating an organisation that would work in partnership with food manufacturers in the development of ingredient recipes to meet specific product needs, particularly for jams, jellies, ice creams, sorbets, deserts and dairy products.

Currently, the main priority is the formulation of ingredient mixtures, while reducing the sugar and fat content of a range of canned, chilled and frozen foods such as ready meals.

With an agreed recipe tested and accepted for production, the company produces the required ingredient mixture in production quantities.

Although producing the mixture is relatively simple, it requires the rigorous application of quality-control processes.

Griffiths said: ‘We identified final inspection of the packed product for metallic contamination from the mixers as a critical point of our HACCP, even though we use pharmaceutical-grade sieves and mixers.

‘We selected the Unicon-W metal detectors from S+S Inspection following a thorough investigation of what was available in the UK and Europe.

‘Obviously, we were looking for reliable, sensitive machines but, with our wide range of products, ease of calibration at product changeover was equally important.

‘With most of our customers using just-in-time production, we simply cannot afford to have any unnecessary breaks in production,’ he added.

According to Griffiths, the ability of the S+S control units to store up to 99 profiles of its tailor-made products was a significant factor in the company’s decision.

‘We run and record a calibration test of the metal detector at the beginning and end of every batch, in accordance with our BRC procedure, to make sure all is working correctly – and this is the only time that metal has ever been detected,’ he said.

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