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An expanded selection of Southco’s E5 Cam Latches adds a push-to-close function to the existing line, satisfying single- and two-point latch installations across a range of commercial applications.

These range from light-duty use with covers and access panels in HVAC, office furniture and industrial machinery to storage compartments in recreational vehicles and bus, truck or railway applications.

Styling and access control options include hand-, tool- and key-actuated models.

The ease of operation in single-point latching applications incorporates a spring-loaded ramped cam.

As with conventional cam latches, the mechanism rotates to disengage from the keeper but, once the panel is opened and the cam rotates back to the ‘closed’ position, the ramp-shaped face of the retractable cam functions like a push-to-close mechanism.

This assures safe, trouble-free operation, even if the door is shut with the cam in the closed position.

For configuration flexibility in multi-point latching applications, the E5 two-point-latching adapter connects with cable actuators used to drive Southco R4 Rotary Series Latches.

In this design, the driver and actuators return to their original positions as soon as the driver is released after opening, while the rotary latches provide push-to-close engagement with robust latching security.

Access control options for all versions range from hand-actuated wing-handle, T-handle and L-handle styles to tool-actuated head styles.

Those include conventional slotted, hex, square and triangle-shaped drivers, as well as industry-specific tool options such as Bellcore 216, Bellcore electronics and Railway standard drivers.

Multiple keylocking configurations offer flexible keycode options.

All latches, regardless of head style, include a latched/unlatched position indicator.

Like other Southco E5 Cam Latches, the push-to-close designs are easy to install in panels ranging from 1 to 6mm thick (0.04 to 0.24in), using single-hole panel prep.

Head styles are available in standard bright chrome and black powder-coated finishes.

Cam bodies include an internal O-ring and a sealing washer to accommodate NEMA 4 and IP-66 applications.

Pull-tab and padlock bracket accessories are also available to customise installations to specific user requirements.

Southco offers a broad range of latching solutions including locks, latches, hinges, handles and fasteners.  Southco´s distinctive human touch point solutions are important components of products that people interact with. They ensure a positive first impression while never overlooking the importance of optimum safety and secure operations.

For over 100 years, Southco has helped customers solve and overcome engineering challenges and our passion, vision and focus today is to help customers differentiate their products´ engineered touch points.

Southco is a leading global supplier with more than 2000 employees in over 20 countries, together with sales, distribution, engineering and customer service centers in over 30 countries. Southco can support you wherever you are in the world.

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