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Camdenboss custom design enclosures enable customers to have enclosures, housings, covers, panels and parts manufactured to their own specifications without tooling and on short lead times.

Enclosures are developed from flat sheet plastic and are manufactured using the latest computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to deliver bespoke designs that provide products with a unique look.

Camdenboss’s flat-sheet plastic technology is suitable for low-to-medium batch quantities and offers rapid lead times from one to two weeks for prototyping and three to four weeks for volume production.

It enables cost-effective prototyping prior to volume moulding and low-cost and immediate design changes.

The company’s creative industrial designers work closely with customers to maximise the functional, aesthetical and haptical impact of the product.

The final design is constructed using CAD/CAM technology and the process is designed to minimise design revisions and keep costs and time to a minimum by ensuring all components are co-ordinated from start to finish.

The custom design enclosure service is claimed to offer competitive pricing with no tooling charges and low initial design and setup costs.

For small-batch runs from as low as five units up to volume runs of around 5,000 units, the custom design enclosure service delivers products manufactured to high standards using the same production process, according to Camdenboss.

In addition, the process is able to incorporate design changes quickly and easily after prototyping or for subsequent production runs.

The latest CNC technology is claimed to be better than sheet metal fabrication in terms of the tolerances that can be achieved, making the process suitable for a variety of applications across all industries where enclosures are used.

Flat-sheet plastic fabrication is said to be an economic solution for small-to-medium production runs for both simple and complex enclosure designs.

Camdenboss offers full turnkey services as standard, including engraving, screen printing, radio-frequency interference (RFI) shielding, finishing, assembly and packaging.

Design features include printed circuit board (PCB) pillars and clips, integrated brass inserts and bosses, light pipes, rubber feet, tilt feet, battery compartments, transparent or tinted LCD windows, cable guides and clamps, IP65 waterproof sealing, rubber handles and external coating.

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