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The Flir A-Series has a Gigabit Ethernet interface and trigger/synchronisation capability, offering a complete quality assurance solution for companies using ultrasonic welding in the process line.

This welding process joins a top lip to a plastic container, which is then presented for filling.

The lid is subsequently applied and a vacuum lift takes the finished product off the production line.

Any weld failure results in the bottom of the container separating from the top, spilling its contents on plant, the factory floor and on the remainder of the batch.

A twin Flir camera solution designed by Thermascan completely resolves this problem.

This customer’s weld is created by two ultrasonic welding probes that respectively join half of the lip to the container with a little overlap.

To achieve this, the container is rotated by 185deg.

A Flir A320G camera is mounted to monitor the thermal performance of each of the probes and, therefore, the integrity of the weld.

The I/O ports on the Flir camera allow it to perform a monitoring and control function, It works in conjunction with a pneumatic arm that is activated when the weld temperature is not adequate and pushes the reject off the line so there is no danger of it being filled and causing damage.

The Flir A320G was the first thermal camera to be GigE Vision and Genicam compatible.

This model can also be fully controlled from a PC and comes with a choice of software to suit the application.

Flir’s own software allows the camera to produce high speed, real-time radiometric images within minutes of set-up.

The Flir A-Series camera for Thermascan is also compatible with Labview, which allows Thermscan to integrate a solution such as this into the customer’s management and maintenance system The flexibility of the Flir A-Series means its operation can be tailored to suit the precise need of the application.

For example, its output can trigger alarms or activate other control devices such as oven thermostats or cooling sprinkler systems.

The technology can also be used to monitor can or container fill levels.

FLIR Systems specialises in technologies that enhance perception and awareness.  The company brings innovative sensing solutions into daily life through its thermal imaging and visible light imaging technology and systems for measurement, diagnosis, location and advanced threat detection.  Its products improve the way people interact with the world around them, enhance productivity, increase energy efficiency and make the workplace safer.

FLIR Systems has six operating segments – surveillance, instruments, OEM and emerging markets, maritime, security and finally, detection. Of these six, ‘instruments’ is of greatest interest to trade and industry and the second largest segment in the company’s portfolio. This division provides devices that image, measure and assess thermal energy, gases and other environmental elements for industrial, commercial and scientific applications.

These products are manufactured across five production sites, three in the USA and two in Europe; Sweden and Estonia.

A model to suit every application and budget
The options that FLIR Systems provides for measuring temperature and studying thermal performance have never been greater.  Not only does the company offer a huge range of models to suit all thermal application needs but the technology is also affordable and very easy to use.  Thermal cameras now come in various shapes, sizes and degrees of sophistication and FLIR continues to invest heavily in the development of new and complementary technologies to differentiate itself from competitors.

An important milestone in the development of thermal imaging has been the introduction of the FLIR Lepton® core, a micro longwave detector, the size of a mobile SIM.  This has allowed thermal imaging to be repackaged to meet the needs of an even wider audience and, in combination with another new technology called Infrared Guided Measurement – IGM™ – has led to the development of a range of test and measurement meters with imaging capability.

Another important growth area for FLIR thermal imaging is in continuous monitoring to assure quality and safety.  Through its introduction of discrete fixed mounted thermal cameras which are fully compliant industry standard plug-and-play protocols, FLIR Systems has provided industry with infrared machine vision which is instantly ready for quick and easy network installation.

Protecting assets and people from fire is an area for which thermal imaging is least known but, thanks to FLIR Systems’ development, it is now one of the most cost-effective methods available.  Its application flexibility and rapid return on investment present an attractive proposition for any site or safety manager.

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