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Cameron Measurement Systems has won a USD5.4m (GBP3.8m) contract to supply Caldon LEFM 280Ci Ultrasonic Flowmeters for the Keystone Pipeline Project.

The 3,456km (2,148 mile) Keystone Pipeline will transport oil from Alberta to the Midwest markets in the US.

The meters will be used at each of the 39 pumping stations along the length of the system and will measure the oil as the pump-discharge header is reduced from 30 to 20in.

The measurement data will be used to control the flow and pressure through the pumps to meet operational requirements and optimise power consumption of the pumps.

Data from the meters will provide input into the pipeline leak detection system.

Caldon meters use advanced transit time ultrasonic technology to determine measurements based on the movement of sound waves through fluids.

Cameron Measurement Systems

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