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Cami Research will be exhibiting its complete line of cable and wire harness test equipment at the Wire Processing Technology Expo on 12-13 May in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Visitors will receive a 10 per cent discount coupon for the purchase of any new Cable Eye tester.

Also available will be a 36-page Cable Eye catalogue, containing a range of cable and harness test equipment for quality control and production test.

Among the new items on exhibit will be a high-voltage test system based on CAMI’s M3U tester.

The HVX hipot tester starts at 128 test points capacity and may be expanded up to 512 points by the addition of 128-point expansion modules.

Customers using M3U low-voltage testers may expand their existing system by purchasing just the high-voltage module.

The HVX system has been tested by an independent compliance testing laboratory and meets all safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements for the CE mark.

After checking for opens, shorts, miswires and resistance limits, the HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable voltage from 10 to 1,500V DC or 10 to 1,000V RMS AC to each connection group in the cable.

Current leakage detected during the high-voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to 1Gohm and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux or other contamination on exposed contacts.

This high-voltage test capability allows users to meet the industry-standard A-620 guidelines for cable and wire harness testing.

The system also produces archival-quality reports for each cable tested, showing the test voltage, leakage current and insulation resistance for each wire group, and clearly denotes pass or fail at the top of the report.

Also on exhibit will be some of the 45 connector plugboards available for Cable Eye.

These boards, each with multiple connectors, serve as personality modules that adapt the tester for many different cable types.

Recently added boards cover Micro D connectors, and Elco/Edac Rack and Panel connectors.

Cable Eye’s latest software is capable of measuring and displaying the graphic wiring diagram of any cable or harness connected to the tester, measuring resistors, diodes and wire resistance.

Trace resistance to compensate for the innate resistance of fixturing may now be automatically subtracted from measurements to provide a more accurate reflection of the device under test.

The software also offers an extensive cable database, report and label printing, custom connector interfaces and guided assembly.

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