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Camozzi Pneumatics has added a range of push-in air brake fittings to its portfolio of pneumatic solutions.

Series 9000 C-Truck fittings are designed for use in pneumatic braking systems on commercial vehicles and are certified to TUV standards.

A full range of models with many tube and thread connections are available.

Every fitting in the range can be connected and disconnected on multiple occasions, without any negative impact on performance.

A key safety feature is that the tube can only be disconnected using a bespoke tool, therefore ensuring there is no possibility of accidental tube release.

A self-sealing O-ring, made of material resistant to oil and petrol, is incorporated into each C-Truck fitting.

On the straight air brake fittings the thread seal is formed using PTFE.

For systems where fittings need to be held in a precise position, a locking nut is supplied.

All C-Truck fittings have a brass body that helps to prevent corrosion, while a protective cover, which is also resistant to oil and petrol, helps to keep moisture and dirt away from the collet.

Each fitting can be used in temperatures between -50 to +100C.

Even when there are extreme changes in temperature a secure tube connection is maintained as the insert is designed to keep the dimensions of the tube constant.

Working pressure is in accordance with the thermoplastic tube used with a maximum value of 16 bar.

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