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Camozzi has expanded its range of technopolymer pneumatic components with the introduction of pressure micro-regulators (Series T).

The technopolymer range includes push-in fittings and flow control valves, with further additions planned throughout 2009.

Series T pressure micro-regulators are available with 1/8 and 1/4 threaded brass connections with the technopolymer body ensuring a lightweight (95g) solution.

Decreasing pressure adjustments can be made easily due to the self-relieving piston.

Non-relieving versions are also available.

All models are equipped with a valve enabling fast draining, which means downstream pressure can be exhausted quickly.

This fast draining feature is useful for applications where a regulator is inserted between a valve and cylinder without any negative influence on the exhaust.

Each Series T micro-regulator has a 1/8 pressure gauge port for applications requiring a visible pressure indication.

Design engineers are provided with further flexibility when it comes to considering the component mounting options as each regulator can be panel mounted or mounted in-line.

Accuracy and reliable operation is enhanced by the setting mechanism, which is activated by pushing down the regulating knob.

Standard operating pressure is 0 to 7 bar with other options available including 0 to 2 bar, 0 to 4 bar and 0.5 to 10 bar.

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