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Camozzi has expanded its portfolio of air-treatment solutions with the introduction of the MX range of modular FRLs, which is initially available with 3/4 or 1in ports.

The MX range will be expanded further next year, when port sizes 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2in are launched.

The dimensions of each MX unit have been optimised and the use of technopolymer materials to complement the aluminium body ensures a lightweight and durable solution.

In addition, each Series MX component benefits from a clean-line design.

An integrated gauge on the pressure regulator helps to further reduce the envelope space required and an optional external pressure gauge can be connected.

Relatively high flow rates are possible, even with smaller port sizes.

The modular design of the FRLs ensures that they are easy to assemble.

Inlet and outlet ports are clearly indicated to help prevent connection errors or, alternatively, components can be supplied pre-assembled ready to be mounted as a complete unit.

Ongoing maintenance tasks are also simplified, as it is possible to remove and replace individual elements within the FRL assembly without first having to spend time disassembling the components.

A patented anti-tamper system has also been introduced to allow the Series MX pressure regulators to be locked in any position.

When the desired pressure has been reached, the regulator knob can be pressed down and up to four padlocks applied for maximum safety.

Five different filter options are available to further increase the number of possible applications for Series MX.

An online configuration tool is available from Camozzi, which is designed to help engineers choose the best air-treatment solution to meet their individual requirements.

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