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Dorner Engineering has reported that an American component manufacturer has invested in camshaft assembly equipment using its shrinkage technology.

Small engine camshafts have traditionally been made from machined cast iron.

However, in recent years there has been a shift towards assembled camshafts that offer lower total weight, leading to reduced emissions.

Alpha Sintered Metals (ASM) is one American component manufacturer well aware of these developments.

Knowing the possibilities assembled camshafts for small engines presented them with, ASM decided to invest in new assembly equipment from Dorner Engineering and its own engineering capabilities.

Dorner Engineering’s assembly by shrinkage camshaft technology produces a ‘net shape’ camshaft with no need for further operations.

ASM turned to North American Hoganas to partner on its first project, which was for one of North America’s leading small engine manufacturers.

Working closely from design to production, ASM and Hoganas delivered an assembly based on Astaloy CrM that offers cost savings, lower weight, lower inertia, improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions compared to its cast iron predecessors.

The joint engineering team was able to go from design to finished assembly in 14 months.

Dorner Engineering

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