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Diesel injector supplier Delphi has called in CandG Safety and Environmental to check levels of noise and airborne oil at its plant in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

Delphi wanted to ensure staff in its test department weren’t exposed to unsafe levels of oil mist or noise from machinery.

Diesel injectors are constantly being tested in the department, so steps have to be taken to ensure staff do not breathe in the resulting vapour.

A device with an air-sampling head and filter was used to measure the concentration of oil vapour over a four-hour period.

CandG staff issued four test-department personnel with special ‘noise badges’ – miniature noise dosimeters that use tiny microphones to constantly measure and record noise levels.

An octave band analyser was used to indicate the spread of frequencies.

Using the information the badges recorded, CandG established that staff were not being exposed to unsafe levels of noise.

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