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Capture FRA is a PC-based frequency response analysis product that uses the single sine technique to provide precise measurements of gain and phase between any two points in a system.

The product is available in single-channel (F1125 and F2125) and multi-channel (F1220 and F2220) models.

The Capture FRA hardware module consists of an add-on card featuring a 24-bit delta-sigma type ADC and conforming to either the PCI (Models F1125 and F1220) or PXI (Models F2125 and F2220) interface.

Other features include two analogue input channels and two analogue output channels; a sampling rate of 50 KSPS; a frequency range of 0.01Hz to 20kHz; RS-232 and GPIB interfaces; and real-time data update.

The software component is a Windows-based module supporting swept-sine analysis of the frequency response; normal-sweep and custom-sweep configurations; single frequency generation; logarithmic and linear frequency sweep; Ascii/Excel file storage; and display and printing of single/multiple plots.

Capture FRA supports user-configurable swept-sine frequency generation in continuous or discrete steps and also supports automatic calculation of phase margin and gain margin.

The product package is compact, allowing it to be easily moved between systems.

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