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WNT’s new solid-carbide drills are said to provide reductions in cost/hole over existing drilling technology due to a combination of new carbide substrate, coating expertise and drill-point geometry.

Suitable for medium to large batch sizes of steel or cast-iron components and available from 3 through to 20mm in 0.1mm increments as standard, WTX Speed is delivering reductions in drilling cycle times of up to 60 per cent due to its ability to run at speeds up to 240m/min and feedrates typically 20 per cent higher than conventional solid-carbide drills, with no perceivable loss in tool life.

These improvements are achieved through a redesign of the drill point, the use of a sub-micron carbide substrate with grain size between 0.5 and 0.8um and the latest Ti800 tool-coating technology.

The drill point features an asymmetric design that reduces vibration and improves runout.

It also features two circular lands and a secondary cutting edge that helps to reduce friction/heat and improve tool life.

To help deal with the increased volume of swarf created at the higher cutting data, the drill flutes have also been redesigned.

For a length of 1.5 x diameter the flutes are parallel and then open up to make swarf evacuation easier – a situation helped by the increase in size of the through coolant delivery holes.

The Ti800 coating has a micro hardness of [HV0.05]:3,700max and the ability to operate at temperatures up to 1,100C.

Part of a new generation of titanium-aluminium coating materials, TI800 is a nano-composite supernitride coating structure with a high aluminium content.

The use of supernitride coatings prevents built-up edge and adhesion of swarf to the cutting edge and flutes due to their ability to resist heat, oxidisation and abrasion.

WNT has also looked at the application process of the coating and has created a system by which a greater thickness of coating is applied to the drill point where it is most needed.

In a typical application drilling 42CrMo4 material with an 8.5mm diameter drill producing 40mm-deep holes, a WTX Speed drill ran at 200m/min at a feed of 0.28mm/rev and produced 1,900 holes before it required changing.

With guaranteed delivery before 10:30, six days a week, for any cutting tools ordered before 18:30 the previous working day (12:30 Saturday), combined with industry-leading technical and customer support, WNT (UK) is the first-choice cutting-tool supplier for the SME engineering manufacturing sector.

The in-depth technical expertise of WNT (UK)'s external and internal technical sales team, who are all apprentice trained with extensive machining experience, provides a valuable tool for its customers. Their role is to deliver major cost savings and productivity gains to WNT (UK)'s customers. Whoever you speak to at WNT (UK) their goal is the same: award-winning customer service.

Behind the people element of WNT (UK) is its Total Tooling concept, which marries optimal service levels with unbeatable product quality a combination that makes a valuable contribution to improving the productivity of its customers. This is backed up by SERVICE², which is the energetic core of the business that moves everything: providing the right tool at the right time for the right application. This includes its Toolomat tool vending system, WNT (UK)'s cost-effective method of providing 24-hour access to tools, seven days a week.

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