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Axion’s polymers are, which feature the Carbon Reduction Label, are used in closed-loop recycling applications for flat-screen TV panels, washing-machine components and horticultural pots.

Axion Polymers is said to be the first polymer producer in the UK and Europe to offer customers a product with the label – its Axpoly PS13 post-consumer recycled polystyrene derived from retail packaging waste.

The WEEE plastics reprocessor gained PAS 2050 certification and the Carbon Trust’s labelling after evaluating its product’s carbon footprint and demonstrating the sustainability of the process.

Axpoly PS13, made from recovered garment hangers, creates 17 per cent of the emissions associated with the full supply chain for oil-based virgin polymer.

Based upon current production levels, Axion’s recycled Axpoly and Axfoil sheet grades save around 15,000 tonnes a year of CO2 emissions when compared to the same volume of virgin polystyrene.

Axion’s high-grade post-consumer polymers are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards, and are RoHS-compliant and REACH-ready.

Axion Polymers

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