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Sullins Connector Solutions is offering a series of PCI Express (PCIe) card edge connectors designed to enable easy and cost-effective implementation of PCIe architecture.

These connectors support the PCIe standards for signal and power as well as auxiliary signals at the interface between the motherboard and add-in card.

The 1mm pitch, one-piece parts feature slots accepting 1.58mm (0.062in) thick add-on graphics cards for user upgrades and support x1, x4, x8, x16, x24 and x32 contact positions to accommodate an extensive range of bandwidth requirements.

The series is engineered to optimise both design flexibility and manufacturing efficiencies as devices are provided in a wide range of termination types and mounting styles.

Part serial lanes are comprised of two differential wire pairs that support a data transfer rate of 500MB/s in each direction, per lane.

They feature a 2.5GHz clock rate and a 5GT/s (gigatransfers per second) bit rate.

The devices are suitable for dense packaging, board-to-board applications requiring the connection of a mother board to a 1.58mm (0.062in +/- 0.008in) daughtercard.

Sullins PCIe card edge connectors are often specified for use in desktop computers, servers, workstations, storage systems, redundant array of independent disks (Raid) controllers, fibre channel host-bus adapters, routers and switches.

Parts are offered with 36(x1), 64(x4), 98(x8) and 164(x16) contact positions in right angle, surface mount and card extender versions.

Dip solder straight styles are available in 36(x1), 64(x4), 98(x8), 164(x16), 230(x24) and 280(x32) contact positions.

The 230(x24) and 280(x32) versions are used to support riser card applications.

Most connectors are provided with a choice of tail length options, including 2.3mm, 2.54mm or 3mm, to accommodate differing motherboard thicknesses.

For added mechanical support and accurate PCB alignment, devices may be ordered with ear clips, pegs, clamps or handles.

The PCIe series features a current rating of 1.1A per contact.

Additional specifications include an operating temperature range of -55C to +105C and a processing temperature of up to 260C peak for 10 seconds max.

Parts are provided with phosphor bronze contacts, and offered standard with gold flash, 10uin, or 30uin selective gold plating over 50 micro inch nickel underplate.

Housing material is UL94V-0 rated.

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