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Huco Dynatork offers standard curved jaw couplings that provide flexibility and radial misalignment compensation in high-power transmission systems and can also accommodate lateral misalignment.

By means of a plastic element between two aluminium hubs, the Cardan curved jaw couplings can transmit high torque — up to 150Nms — with little or no backlash.

Their curved jaw design is said to enhance torsional softness and angular misalignment capability.

The couplings are designed to be resistant to oils, grease, moisture and the majority of solvents.

Key information

  • The Cardan curved jaw couplings are suitable for shaft sizes up to 32mm.
  • They can be supplied with set screw or clamp fixings.
  • Three hardness levels of plastic element can be specified to suit the torsional softness and shock and vibration-damping characteristics required.

Huco Dynatork is a world-class manufacturer of flexible couplings.

Whether the need is for high torsional stiffness, generous misalignment capability, high-speed operation or a capacity for operating in push/pull mode, Huco Dynatork can help. And if your requirements fall outside our standard range, we offer a customised service and cost-efficient small-batch production. 

Our range is highly comprehensive, comprising membrane and bellows high-performance couplings; Oldham and Uni-Lat general-purpose motion control couplings; Single-Beam, Multi-Beam and Step-Beam brands; and jaw/spider and double loop light power drive couplings. We also stock stainless steel and plastic universal joints.

Although the design and manufacture of couplings remains the cornerstone of our business, this is just one of the company's five main product groups. Huco Dynatork piston air motors is one of them, the only brand that can be used for precision motion control. 

Our quality hallmark is also impressed onto a huge range of power transmission and motion control components that have distinct design and performance benefits over other products in the market. In addition to an extensive choice of stock gears, racks, ground shafts and spline shafts, the product programme also includes the comprehensive BSA range of leadscrews and ballscrews.

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