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Terminal de Contenedores de Yucatán (TCY) is using advanced Mentor DC drives from Emerson Control Techniques to modernise the control system on an ageing ship-to-shore crane in Progreso, Mexico.

TCY, a container and cargo-handling terminal, was having difficulties keeping the ageing cranes operational due to increasing downtime and escalating maintenance costs. Replacement parts for the old DC drives had become virtually impossible to find and could take weeks to obtain.

Emerson Control Techniques proposed a fully integrated drive and control system featuring its Mentor MP DC drive. The control system encompasses all the electrical equipment, including low-voltage auxiliaries, DC drives, a PLC, I/O, crane management and MCC. Also included are new remote I/O and control stations, RF Ethernet-based remote diagnostics and a modern rotating operator’s chair and consoles.

For the hoist (which utilises a 373kW motor rated at 50 tons and has a speed of 45m/min), a 120A Mentor MP was selected. The 55kW trolley, with a speed of up to 120m/min, and the 55kW boom, with a maximum speed of 6m/min, share a 210A Mentor MP, which is switched between the two. The eight 14kW, 45m/min gantry motors have their duty shared between four 105A Mentor MP DC drives.

Key benefits of product application

  • The Emerson Control Techniques offering provides TCY with a higher degree of reliability to increase uptime, a rapid supply of spares and remote monitoring and diagnostics to facilitate troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • The Mentor MP DC drive has a rugged design that is said to be easy to maintain.

Control Techniques

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