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A Carier Separator from Linton Solutions is set to achieve a decade of virtually uninterrupted slurry treatment at Goligher’s dairy farm near Omagh.

Here it has separated 3,000,000 gallons of cow slurry at a cost of just 50 pence per 1,000 gallons.

As well as reducing the cost and removing the laborious task of storing, mixing and spreading whole slurry, Goligher’s has benefitted from a significant reduction in fertiliser usage with no compound requirement, using only chemical nitrogen balanced with separated liquid or fibre.

This has reduced costs and resulted in a far more productive grassland farm, as owner, Reggie Goligher, explained: ‘The Carier Separator has proved a very good buy because it is extremely reliable and keeps the cost of grass production at a reasonable level, which at current fertiliser prices will have even more significance during the next 6-18 months.’ Goligher’s investment in the Carier Separator came at a time when the Farm Nutrient Management Scheme and a 60 per cent grant in Northern Ireland was simply not available to approved projects – whereas now, many farmers with substantial livestock enterprises can get financial help with this proven technology and enjoy a fast payback.

The Carier Rotoscreen Separator, (of which there are more than 500 installed across the UK and Ireland) simply pumps slurry through a set of compression rollers and a rotating perforated cylinder drum screen, separating whole slurry into liquid and fibre fractions.

Nutrient content of the separated liquid is fully utilised by the plant uptake of the growing crop.

In addition, livestock will graze pasture within days of spreading, due to the rapid penetration of the separated liquid into the soil.

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