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Carlo Gavazzi will demonstrate its latest energy product portfolio at this year’s Energy Event on stand 34 from 9-10 September 2009.

Highlights will include the recently announced micro wind turbine package, a range of MID-certified energy meters and a management and control system for photovoltaic systems.

With the increasing demand for small-scale renewable energy sources, Carlo Gavazzi has introduced the micro wind turbine solution.

The Mistral solution comprises a 3kW micro wind turbine, a braking control unit and an inverter.

The solution enables users to generate electricity for the home or office and feed surplus energy into the public grid.

Power is generated by a horizontal-axis wind turbine (HAWT), which offers high efficiency with a low level of audible noise, according to the company.

The 2.6m-diameter propeller provides a sweep area of 5.31m and is integrated with a generator and tail on top of a zinc-coated pole that is typically 6m in height.

This 48.5kg unit makes use of lightweight, weather-resistant materials.

Together with a specially designed blade profile, it provides high performance during dominant wind turbulence.

In harsh conditions, even when installed close to high buildings, the turbine provides up to 39 per cent of total efficiency.

When the wind speed is more than 12.5m/s, the safety ‘furling protection’ tilts the mill tail, orientating the propeller diagonally to the wind direction and forcing the propeller to slow down.

In such conditions, the maximum power is self limited to 3.3kW.

The Eos-Array controller will also be launched at the event, which enables efficient running of photovoltaic (PV) plants.

Eos-Array is a modular controller that allows small to medium or high-power PV plants to meet the growing demands for clean sources of energy by maintaining efficient operation.

It comprises individual modular elements that, when interacting with one another, provide a complete and independent control solution that gathers accurate and dependable data to ensure effective information management, and can be scaled up or down according to requirements and budgets.

Also on display will be Carlo Gavazzi’s MID-certified energy meters, which range from an ultra-compact DIN-rail mounted single-phase 32A energy meter, up to three-phase 65A energy analysers offering built-in hot/cold water, gas and remote heating measurements and load monitoring.

The EM11-DIN is a compact 1DIN module that adds MID-certified power measurement and control functions to active energy metering.

A single-phase energy analyser with built-in configuration push-button and LCD data display, it provides both active and reactive energy metering, together with cost-allocation functions.

Also certified is a compact three-phase energy meter with a multi-application detachable display and dual mounting technology.

The EM21-72D can be used either as a basic energy meter or multi-function meter in building management systems and cost-allocation applications.

EM26-96 1-2-3 phase energy analysers feature a built-in configuration joystick and LCD data display.

A range of system and single-phase variable measurements is provided along with utility metering (energy, hot/cold water, gas, remote heating), and load monitoring with harmonic analysis up to the 15th harmonic.

It is suitable for import and export energy metering, plus cost-allocation applications, as well as many more.

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