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Terminal quayside container unloading operations need to be linked flexibly with yard stacking operations and the new Boxrunner straddle carrier from Konecranes creates this link.

The new Konecranes Boxrunner straddle carrier offers benefits to two distinct container-handling operations.

The first is represented by large container terminal operators that are adopting automation technology for greater efficiency.

The second is represented by a potentially diverse range of companies that do not have container handling as a core competence and yet handle incoming and outgoing materials in containers – often using trucks and trailers or custom-engineered, stationary gantry cranes.

Boxrunner can be a much more effective solution for their container-handling needs.

The Boxrunner produces long-term benefits based on lifecycle cost calculations that take into account performance metrics, fuel efficiency and maintenance interval length.

The Boxrunner gives large container terminal operators a flexible and efficient means of moving containers from ship-to-shore (STS) cranes to the automated stacking cranes (ASCs).

Boxrunner can deal with almost any requirement during this phase of the operation, for example boosting STS unloading speed to maximum or handling containers of different ISO sizes.

The Boxrunner is adapted to handle all ISO container sizes, stacking two high at high speed.

Konecranes designs and manufactures Boxrunner’s key components in-house to make sure they work together flawlessly.

The new straddle carrier is built around a rigid structure that provides good handling performance and direct steering.

Powered by a diesel-electric (DE) drive and rope-hoist system, the Boxrunner is offered as a 50t twin 20-lift machine and as a 40t single-lift machine that can travel at 30km/h with a 25m/min hoist speed.

The Boxrunner uses Konecranes’ rope and drum hoisting system.

It has an electronic-hydraulic system with four-cylinder steering for less tyre wear, fewer spare parts, a greaseless gantry and very low maintenance.

The driver’s cabin is a model of ergonomic design, providing high visibility.

Its simple controls and displays help to ensure safety, accuracy and speed.

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