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Standard-Knapp has introduced the Versatron case packer with Soft Catch technology, designed for high-speed packing of fragile containers in industries such as spirits and wine, food and more.

The Versatron is suitable for challenging packaging applications with reduced and/or lightweight materials in a range of industries including household chemical, personal care, and automotive.

With gentler handling, less material can be used to make the whole bottle.

Standard-Knapp offers a feature called Soft Catch, which allows users to reduce the shock energy by 80 per cent over a conventional drop packer.

Taking 80 per cent of the shock energy away enables the use of thinner gauge bottles as well as thinner glass.

Unlike many traditional case packers, which simply drop containers into their respective packaging, the Versatron case packer gently ‘catches’ each container to ensure that each package is filled without damage.

This soft catch feature allows for maximum productivity and a reduction in machine downtime while reducing breakage.

A two-axis servo system allows the Versatron to actually ‘catch’ the product as it descends into the case.

The lift table moves the case to the ‘up’ position and waits for a full grid.

When the grid is full, the riding strips shift to the side and initiate the bottle descent.

The lift table simultaneously moves the case downward on a velocity curve that ultimately achieves the same speed at the point of contact in a similar way one would catch an egg during an egg toss, by cradling it gently and securely.

Standard-Knapp offers 24-hour customer service assistance as well as machine training programmes for the Versatron case packer.

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