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Casella Monitor is due to release its Evolution range of ambient gas analysers for the ambient air quality measurement and control market.

Building on the certified ML 9800 series, these new analysers have been designed to offer an improved user interface and functionality without compromising on measurement cell performance or the quality of data.

Current ML analyser users will be able to upgrade functionality by purchasing a new front panel and a microprocessor upgrade kit.

Evolution variants offer the user the following features: a higher-definition full-colour graphical display; integrated electronics mounted on the new front panel; an intuitive modern user interface, delivering simple navigation and operation; certified accuracy and performance, providing high-quality data and traceability; drop-down panel access, reducing service downtime; multi-language operation and firmware; advanced diagnostics; improved key operation and zero key lag; an internal USB memory capability; and low-power components and circuitry, reducing operating costs.

The Evolution range is backwards compatible; it can be retrofitted to any ML analyser.

The new analyser provides a development platform on which future variants will be progressively released.

Units are Mcerts, USEPA and EN approved for carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone and sulphur dioxide.

Other models are available for carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.

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