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Cat Pumps has extended its flushed positive-displacement triplex plunger pump range with the introduction of the 661C model.

Flushed triplex plunger pumps enhance seal life and keep maintenance costs down when pumping low-lubricity and high-temperature liquids, according to the company.

Capable of delivering flows of up to 38 litres per minute and pressures up to 210bar, the 661C 15-frame plunger pump features a ported inlet manifold that permits a lubricating barrier liquid between the high- and low-pressure seals and also helps to cool the seals.

This flushing liquid is not returned to the pump inlet port, but is re-circulated to the external flushing supply, creating a managed system.

This external flush provides cooling when pumping high-temperature liquids and added lubrication when low-lubricity liquids have to be accommodated.

The stainless-steel liquid end offers compatibility with a variety of liquids.

The flushing liquid dilutes and flushes away any seepage past the high-pressure seal and prevents crystallisation from fluids containing high concentrations of dissolved solids.

The containment feature offered by this sealing system brings two additional benefits.

First, where hazardous fluids are being pumped, seepage can be disposed of safely.

Second, monitoring the contained fluid provides an early warning of seal wear.

Being a triplex plunger design, the SS 661C gives a constant smooth flow, making it suitable for a range of industrial processing duties.

It is said to be ideal for applications involving pumping, such as ultrapure water, chemicals, high-temperature liquids and environmentally unfriendly liquids.

The capability to handle low-lubricity fluids, such as ultrapure water, makes the pump suitable for applications in the high-precision industrial electronics industries.

Cat Pumps claims that the high-strength connecting rods and plunger rods, together with oversized crankshaft bearings, give a greater load capacity and a longer drive-end and bearing life.

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