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Cat Pumps has introduced an enhanced-performance high-pressure triplex plunger pump.

Featuring a duplex stainless-steel discharge manifold for extra durability, the new 6801 triplex plunger pump can deliver fluids at pressures of up to 480bar (7,000psi) and flows up to 57 litres per minute.

Available in standard and flushed-seal options, the 6801 has benefited from the employment of finite stress analysis in the design stage, resulting in the construction of a high-strength pump head.

The standard models employ Cat Pumps’ low-pressure seals and high-pressure Vee-packings, which are completely lubricated and cooled by the pumped liquid.

The flushed ‘K’ models utilise a special ported inlet manifold that accommodates an external flush liquid for cooling and lubrication when pumping high-temperature or low-lubricity liquids.

This option also facilitates the provision of a barrier fluid to enhance safety and to monitor seal performance, especially when pumping harmful liquids.

The 6801 pump is part of the company’s range of triplex plunger positive-displacement pumps suitable for testing and system flushing applications.

This type of pump delivers a low-pulsation, consistent high-pressure liquid flow that can be used for hydrostatic pressure testing and instrument-line flushing applications.

Brian Hubbard, general manager of Cat Pumps, said: ‘Our hydrostatic pumps are typically used for the non-destructive integrity and leakage testing of instruments, fittings, vessels, pipes, hoses and liquid stream lines to ensure safety in the environments where they are located.

‘These pumps are also used in the oil-and-gas industry to charge accumulators and to activate components such as blow-out preventers,’ he added.

Outside of the hydrostatic testing sector, the new 6801 is said to be suitable for various other applications, including chemical injection and surface preparation, as it provides the low-pulsation performance required by these demanding applications.

‘In addition to offering this new pump as a bareshaft pump, Cat Pumps can supply 6801 custom-designed skid packages complete with drive motors and other accessories to exactly meet the end users’ specifications,’ said Hubbard.

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